Is It Hard To Switch Propane Companies?

Getting Started & Switching Propane Companies


There is definitely a trend in the types of phone calls we receive from new customers and I want to address this as one of my first posts.

Caller Type #1: You just bought a home that has propane appliances and a big tank outside and you have no idea what to do about that.

It’s ok, I’m here to walk you through everything!

Caller Type #2: You are sick and tired of bad service and/or high prices from your current company and want to find a company that treats you fairly.

I specialize in propane customer trauma victims, let the healing begin.

Caller Type #3: You haven’t had a positive or negative experience with your current provider but you want to make sure you are getting the best price and service there is available.

I’m ready to show you why we are the company you are searching for!

So then you pick up your phone and google ” residential propane delivery near me” and scroll through a few of the options. I’ll help you figure it out… The best option is Alliance Propane!!

No matter the type of caller you are it’s pretty much the same process and at NO COST TO YOU.


Step #1: Set up your account

It’s really easy! We need your contact information and a little information about your home/appliances. I will ask you a few important questions-

Do you own or lease your current tank?

What size is your current tank? What are the different propane tank sizes?

How much propane is in the tank now? 

Are you the property owner or tenant?

Is the tank easily accessible?

All that’s left is to do is schedule your installation!

Step #2: 1 Year Service Agreement

You will be sent a Docusign service agreement with the details about your account. It will have all the information about new customer offers, tank lease amount, and any special trip fees. The agreement also states that you give us permission to bring the tank to your property and that we are responsible for it’s maintenance if you are leasing the tank. It’s a little different if you own your tank.  If for any reason during that year you are unhappy with our service and would like to discontinue it there is no penalty. Some companies have heafty fees for breaking tank lease agreements but we don’t feel the need to force our customers to stay our customers. We want to earn your business.

Step #3: Installation

We will need to install an Alliance tank in place of your existing provider’s tank. No, we can not fill another company’s tank and here is why if you want to know. A service technician will disconnect your existing tank and scoot it over to make room for the new Alliance tank, regulator, and hogtail. If you have any remaining propane in the old tank he will transfer it to the new tank. Then he will connect the new tank to the system and test it. The Safety Check will make sure that there are no leaks at the tank, gas lines, and the appliances in your home. Once complete, the technician will light any pilot lights necessary.

Step #4: Delivery & Peace of Mind

Depending on how much propane was in your tank we may need to make a delivery. It’s always best to top off your tank at your first delivery to take advantage of your new customer first fill pricing. If your tank is still above 30% you may want to wait so that you can purchase more gallons at that special price. Just call or email when your ready for your next propane tank refill.