Residential Propane Testimonials

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If you read my previous reviews, you will see that I downgraded this company a couple of months ago because of their decision to do an improper installation. Our local municipality forced them to correct things, so all is good in that regard. But another situation came up a couple of months ago where their customer service was great! We are on one of those plans that I have to call to order propane - it is not automatically delivered. I'm usually pretty good about this, but failed to do so in December. So on New Years Eve, midday, we run out of propane. This is a big deal because our heating and cooking are propane fueled, and because we are cooking for about 40 people on New Years Day, and we are completely dependent on the propane. So I called Alliance. Naturally they are all booked and won't be able to do anything until January 2nd. I explained the situation, they said they were very sorry, and we started making plans to cancel our annual New Years Day Party. We are very depressed at this point, and I was very upset with myself for not checking the propane for the first time in seven years! About a half hour later they call and one of their field guys gets on the phone. He explains that there is a way, without bringing a truck, they can force about ten gallons of propane into our system. (Of course, there is an extra charge for this, but that is to be expected.) So he came out, and, within an hour, we were up and running! We had to be careful as to our usage for the the 36 hours, but we were able to continue with our annual celebration! All thanks to the people at Alliance who took our situation to heart. So we are very grateful for the staff for looking out for us. Thank you, Juanita in particular! Let's take it up to four stars!

Vlad W.,

We moved to the Temecula wine country area 5 yrs ago. Being new to the area and new to the propane realm we were encouraged to call Alliance.The sales Rep. Anita was a great help with key wisdom and encouragement. My husband and I were greatly concerned we'd run out of propane because we hadn't a clue about the usage before our move here. Nevertheless, Juanita was kind enough to call me the next day with the exact propane equivalents so I would know exactly how many dryer, wash loads etc used per gallon of propane. How awesome is that? I always get a call the day before my delivery as a reminder notice, and when we had an emergency (our line had a slow leak) they came immediately even though it was after hours and late. Like I mentioned earlier, it's been over 5 yrs and I can honestly say we've been very happy with the kind professional service from the Alliance Propane Staff.

Leticia L.,

A Christmas miracle! We are new home owners and never had a propane tank before. We noticed we only had 5% left on Sunday. Called Monday and by today they filled our tank and small BBQ tank. They were extremely sympathetic to our plight and gave us tips to conserve until our tank could be inspected and filled. Through the whole process, they were exceptionally friendly and helpful. Anita is a rock star! By the way, we had received many favorable recommendations to use them. Thanks Alliance for saving Christmas and my marriage!

John C.,

After a year with Amerigas I just figured that high prices and poor service was the norm for propane service in the area. I had propane in the past in Texas and was used to good to excellent service from most providers. After yet another bad experience with Amerigas I finally decided to go through the hassle of changing companies and tanks. To my great surprise the process was made quick, simple and convenient thanks to ALLIANCE PROPANE. They were very helpful, polite, amiable to working around my schedule and above all interested in my business!!! Now to the best part...they were 1/2 the price per gallon of Amerigas for the initial rate and they are +30% lower in their regular rate. The installer and the delivery drivers have been nice and thorough in lighting pilots and such. The office staff is always nice too. Amerigas owns several of the other companies in the area so you are still dealing with a goliath with poor service...Alliance is family owned. On a side note... It has been 4 months since I called Amerigas (several times) to retrieve their old tanks but they are still sitting when people drive by they see new Alliance tanks and can tell I switched from Amerigas. You would think they would want their tanks back but maybe so many people are leaving they don't have room for all the old tanks. Switching to Alliance has been a great decision, I highly recommend them.

Greg D.,

Originally gave these people four stars "just because". It's time to bring it up to five. We've now been with them for about a year and have had them come out 4-5 times to deliver propane. They always answer their phones, they make and keep appointments, their prices remain reasonable. Nothing to complain about - the way a business relationship should be!

Anonymous in Murrieta,