Safety Guidelines

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[h1_heading]Residential Tank Location Guidelines[/h1_heading]


Where is the safest and best place for my new Alliance Propane tank?

The following is helpful information when building your home.



Most common tank sizes in use today are: the 250, 325, and 500. These must be at least ten feet from both the house and property line and any ignition source.

  • For proper delivery service, your tank should not sit more than 90 feet from your driveway or street curb. Maximum hose length on all trucks is 100 feet.
  • Gas lines must be buried in a trench minimum 18” deep (12” if under concrete).
  • Length of trench does not matter as long as you comply with the above requirements.

Need More Information About Your Tank Setting?

Call the office to schedule an on-site consultation!


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